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Hello, こんにちは Kon'nichiwa

Well hello, Kon'nichiwa, or should I say こんにちは.....

This blog is about my trip to Japan later on this year. The countdown has begun, today is Easter Sunday, 27 March, I fly to Japan in 70 days, 5 hours and 10 minutes! I know three words in Japanese - hello, thank you and goodbye. I don't drink beer and I don't like raw fish. But I love meeting people, seeing new places, culture and history. I will only pass this way but once and I feel the need to try and see as much as I can in as little time as I have. .
Cheers. 乾杯

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Sunday, 13 December 2015

9. Nara Walk

The Ancient Capital with Dignified Great Buddha

Looking for a self-guided walking tour of Nara, I found this one Practical Travel Guide 507 - Nara Walk and printed it. While it is good, I find the map hard to understand. I couldn't differentiate between where the park started and the streets ended.

Next, I read this one Nara. Recommended Course which seems brilliant in its simplicity. It also comes with a Map! Below are the walk details.

JR Nara Station - 10-min. walk
1. Kintetsu Nara Station - 4 min. walk
2. Kofukuji Temple - 5 min. walk
3. Yoshikien Garden - 2 min. walk
4. Isuien Garden - 5 min. walk
5. Nara National Museum - 3 min walk
6. Himuro Jinja Shrine - 8 min walk
7. Todaiji Temple - 8 min. walk
8. Nigatsudo Hall - 5 min. walk
9. Sangatsudo Hall - 2 min. walk
10. Tamukeyama Hachimangu Shrine - 5 min. walk
11. Wakakusayama Hill - 10 min. walk
12. JR Nara Station

Please note: The walking times given above are incorrect. I used google maps to plot the walk below with walking times and distances. There is no need to walk from JR Nara Station to Kintetsu Nara Station, it saves time to head straight to Kofuku- ji Temple.

When comparing it (the above) to the map in the LP guide, there are a number of sights which hold less interest for me - call me a philistine if you will, but I'd rather just see the "main" sights. My walk looks like this:

JR Nara Station -  16 min walk 1.4 km
1. Kofuku- ji Temple - 8 min walk, 650 m
2. Yoshikien Garden - 2 min. walk, 120 m ?
3. Isuien Garden (650 yen) - 9 min walk, 750 m
4. Todaiji Temple & Daibutsu-den Hall (500 yen) - 6 min walk, 450 m
6. Nigatsudo Hall - 11 min. walk (900 m)
7. Tea/coffee break stop at Mizutani-chaya - 5 min walk, 400 m
8. Kasuga Taisha - 35 min walk, 2.9 m
10. JR Nara Station

Walking time for the above is 92 min - 1 hour 32 mins.  (7.57 kms) - that's an awful lot of walking! Between Nigatsudo Hall and Kasuga Taisha, is a lovely little teahouse called Mizutani-chaya where I'll stop for a cup of tea. (Alas, I doubt they run to cappuccino.) Their website is in Japanese and although I tried translating into English, only the top line is translated. It does look wonderfully atmospheric.


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