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Hello, こんにちは Kon'nichiwa

Well hello, Kon'nichiwa, or should I say こんにちは.....

This blog is about my trip to Japan later on this year. The countdown has begun, today is Easter Sunday, 27 March, I fly to Japan in 70 days, 5 hours and 10 minutes! I know three words in Japanese - hello, thank you and goodbye. I don't drink beer and I don't like raw fish. But I love meeting people, seeing new places, culture and history. I will only pass this way but once and I feel the need to try and see as much as I can in as little time as I have. .
Cheers. 乾杯

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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

13. JR Pass

MY JR Pass arrived today from JTB. Junior handed it to me saying gee their drivers are lazy. It had been put on the floor outside. Oh, ah well, it didn't require a signature. And it came. I opened the envelope with anticipation trying to make head of what I was seeing.
It tells you to check
a) Your name (must be the same as your passport),
b) Ticket name (Type of Ticket, Duration, Adult/Child)
c) Exchange deadline (Please check the exchange deadline written)
d) You have been given both the "Passenger Coupon" and "Exchange Coupon".

Above: What a JR Rail Pass Voucher looks like

The above isn't mine, it was floating around on the internetosphere

Always check your ticket
Or in this case, your voucher. Always check, it pays to check. They (JTB) had made an error. I was surprised at this, because the JTB Corporation is the largest travel agency in Japan and one of the largest travel agencies in the world. They specialise in tourism. For some reason, I had the idea JTB were the "Official" Japanese tourist company in Australia. I don't know where I got that idea from, maybe from reading some of their stuff. Anyway, I won't say I'm not disappointed because I am. Very. Disappointed. One can only hope things carry on more smoothly in Japan than they have so far. And the trains run on time.

JTB gave me the wrong one!
They gave me a 7 day pass, and I ordered and paid for a 14 day pass. I checked the confirmation email and yes, it definitely says 14 day pass and the amount $560. Then I checked my account and yes, the amount of $560 had been debited to my account last week. I rang them but of course it was after office hours so will have to ring them tomorrow. I hope they don't tell me I have to post the incorrect one back to them, I wouldn't be a happy chappy if that happens. I mean I paid $7.00 to have the thing delivered to em, but I'm damned if I'm expected to pay to post back when it's their mistake. Bugger. I wish I'd gone with the other mob after all now, not only would I have saved $8, but I'd have received some free stuff and most likely the correct voucher.

Today's quote: Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others ~ Brandon Mull

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